hi peter.... i would suggest precision camera in chicago....bob watkins is a great guy and a great repair spot. lots of experience with view cameras. i had a vpan last year and if your bellows needs replacement, contact camera bellows in england as they are the best. i loved the vpan but traded for a canham 5x7 wit the motorized film holder as i like vertical panos and it is easier that way. Good luck with it. Richard

QUOTE=Petermillerimages;1173062]I'm new to this site, probably will make mistakes so bear with me. I have a VPan Mark 3. I would like a repair person to check it out for alignment and also the cartridge, that big old thing, rewinds in such a way the film jams. Does anyone know who might repair this camera and cartridge. I live in Vermont. Thanks, peter.[/QUOTE]