Something different for the Toronto/GTA APUG crew. The Street Classics Car Club hosts one of the biggest cruise nites in the GTA at Canadian Tire on the Queensway in Etobicoke. These run every Saturday nite during the summer. Next Saturday coincides with the GTA and Golden Horseshoe Mustang Club's annual stampede. Both clubs will be at this cruise, so there will be no shortage of cars to shoot.

The selection varies each week but nearly all categories are there: 60s-70s muscle cars, restored classics, imports, old school hot rods, street rods, bikes, etc.

Since we're near the solstice, light is usually good till at least 7:30pm. There are bright spots around the parking lot that last even longer. The cars are parked tightly, so don't count on whole car shots. You can get great close shots of chrome, engines, grills, hood ornaments, and paint jobs. A tripod and a polarizer will be useful, along with lenses that can focus fairly close. I shoot colour but probably shoot even more b&w at these meets.

Chat the owners up a bit and you can usually get doors and hoods opened for a better shot. Most think film is cool.

Location: Canadian Tire, 1608 The Queensway, Toronto

Time: 5pm--?

We can meet at the KFC/Taco Bell on the Queensway in front of Canadian Tire, park, walk around. and possibly meet-up again later.

PM me with any questions. NOTE: No one will show if the weather looks rainy. There's lots of summer left, so we can reschedule if the weather sucks or if the date doesn't work.