Looking through my parent's photo albums I've noticed a marked change in the quality of the color prints from the 1970s.
Briefly, the prints from the 50s and 60s on Kodacolor film shot in the old bakelite Brownie Hawkeye are still crisp and clear with great contrast and very good color saturation.
Then the prints from the 70s - really the switch to the 126 Instamatic and Kodacolor II - are faded and lacking saturation as though they had been lying out in the sun for years.
All of the prints in question are mounted by photo corners on acid free paper in albums that are opened - at most - once a year.
Its not the difference in film size but in the actual rendering of the color.
Anybody got an idea why the difference?
I know many people think everything - cars,TV, movies etc - sucked in the 70s.
Was it just that Kodak sucked as well?