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Thanks for the great responses! I didn't realize that ilfochrome supplies are unobtanium which seriously bums me out. I was really looking forward to learning this film and making cibachromes. How are the serious landscape guys doing this? I really don't want to be tied to the computer and I have even less of a desire to get a digital camera. I saw online that these supplies are still available in England, I wonder if I it would be possible to get it somehow? Hazmat might be the limiting factor.

What if everyone on this site wrote an email to Freestyle asking for it? Even though I have zero experience with it I think it would be a shame to lose such an amazing process.

Meanwhile, I'm going to buy the home kits for e6 processing and start figuring it out. At least I can still.do that. Does anyone know how many rolls I can process with each kit?

Thank you for your valuable insights,

You could get Ilfochrome stuff from Freestyle (via special order) and B&H last I checked. Has that changed?