I'm happy today

I had originally intended to sleep through this eclipse, as it started at 04:39 local time. some friends had different plans: They were planning to go into Bergen centre, and take the cable car to the top of Ulrikken - the highest mountain around. They had also bought an extra set of "eclipse glasses" for my wife and myself...

Being somewhat lazy, I decided to find a better vantage point and convince them to go along with us. A qiuck look at the forecast and a map convinced me that the best spot was less than 1500m (a mile) from home, where the sunrise would be over a long fjord.

So I got to stay in bed an extra half hour...

Being who (or what?) I am, I brought my Linhof Color with me, and one film holder loaded with EFKE PL100. I only intended to use one sheet, but loaded both sides just so I wouldn't accidentally expose the empty slot.

I ended up using both - the scenery was so nice I halted my multiple exposure after 4 shots at 6 min intervals, and switched film.

I'm just now out of the darkroom after developing the films. Exposure was pure guesswork, as the cloud cover changed from minute to minute. Everything from 1sec at f:11 through a Lee IR filter (visually almost opaque) to 1/100sec at f:45 without filter when the clouds moved in.
Films were developed by inspection in Maxim Muir's compensating pyrocatechin developer.

And I got images! Nice ones, even!

If I get time I'll scan them later tonight, but as I'm going away for a week early tomorrow morning, it might have to wait...