I may have the opportunity to travel to Australia next year during the month of August if I get accepted to the conference I want to go to in New Zealand at the beginning of September. Due to work regulations on conference funding, I would only be able to stay in NZ for 10 days, which is why I want to focus on Australia beforehand.

I've been to Oz before, but it was a month of teacher training up in Cairns during the rainy season (Feb), and I got rained out of every tourist thing I tried to do up there on the weekends. At the end of the month I thought that Uluru/Kata Tjuta/King's Canyon would be a safe bet, but a cyclone that had hit the top end continued inland as a major rain depression and I had five days of rain and gloomy skies and getting stuck in the red mud in the middle of the desert as a result. The only upside to the rain was manageable temperatures and seeing waterfalls pouring out of the canyon. But this was when I was only shooting with a P&S camera, so basically I have no good photos from my time there.

In any event, if this works out, I'll have the entire month of August to explore some parts of Australia, with the major focus being photography. I'm not a beach person or someone that does a lot of activities. I'll be travelling alone as usual, which is great in terms of doing what I want, but not so great when it comes to keeping costs down.

Of course I already know quite a lot about Australia and I've been through the guidebooks, but what I really want to know is, photographically speaking, what locations would be the best to visit at this time of year? I think the NT would be good, Tasmania, maybe not so much. Any suggestions for an itinerary?