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what about using something like snapfish? Ever heard of them? They are a photo sharing website. Here's the URL:


They'll even develop the film. I think you need email addresses for everyone to view & download the pics.

Anyway...another option to look into.
Have you used them with good luck?

I have used their sister company "York Photo"* since that is my wife's historical processing company. They are OK for color, a disaster for B&W. Oddly, they are one of the few mail-order places that will do B&W, and the price is the same as for color. For standard B&W, I have had prints come back really washed-out (poor development) and a few rolls with scratched negatives. They sent me a note with one roll noting that somehow I had scratched the negatives..odd since I don't see it in my processing (or in film sent to A&I). Also, the scratches were not along the roll direction.

I have tried a couple of rolls of C41 B&W with them. The first set was great. Other sets are brown. One set the negs are either scratched or there are other major defects in the emulsions. The most recent roll was lost entirely. This is really odd since they sent us a letter telling us they had lost the payment and we needed to send them a check (i.e. they have the roll!). I only really use them because the grandparents can check the new pictures out and download them directly.

Given the slightly higher prices for Snapfish (price per print, they charge for downloading scans), maybe they won't suffer the same problems as York.


* check out the websites for york and snapfish--basically the same style and layout. It used to be that some of the pages for york went to snapfish.