I shoot large format velvia and read the thread - I take shots at between 0.5 and 1s with no colour correction. I take three shots - I take a shot where I have measured exposure for the foreground this over exposes the sky I take a shot at the average of the scene - this usually has some hard shadows and also over exposes the sky. Let us say that is f22 50ASA and the two exposures were 1s and 0.5s - I now shoot a shot at 1s with a graduated filter on the highlights. If you go over 4s us magenta colour correction.

I do not consistently get a best shot i.e. it really depends on the light which one has worked but I have alwasy had a shot i want to print up. If I could only take 1 shot - i.e. only one dark slide left I would take the shot with the graduated filter.

As to dynamic range I make it 3.67 EV - I will have to check the product guide. As you will know depends on the light how far it is plus and how far it is minus but I have never managed to exceed 3.67 EV.