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... Anybody heard how Randy, founder of the Postcard exchange, is hold up these days?
Last I heard, perhaps two years ago, he was weighed down with family responsibilities.
I had some PM exchange with him early last year iirc but have not heard of him for more than a year.

And to give the founding credits to the right person. The founder of the postcard exchange is Nige and I think it started sometime in 2003. Randy took over when Nige retired from the postcard exchange. I think that was round 9 and I joined in round 10. Until Randy had to step back because of some personal issues (I think in round 11 or 12) we organized the exchange together, him collecting addresses, me providing the program to build the groupings. Organizing the exchange together sounded like half of the work for each of us, but it was not. There was some ... friction loss. Data got lost and I remember back when I received PM from one member who signed in and somehow did not end on the list. I can tell you, that was not the nicest read and I was really happy to live far away from that guy.