Dave, thanks for the offer. I am confident however, that the RF645 represents about the ideal MF travel camera for me (assuming mine turns out to be OK)! Ergonomically superb, smaller than M7II, far cheaper, more solid, more shots (which are big enough for low grain prints but small enough with the right film/dev for nice and grainy street shots (unlike a 6x7 neg, which can be hard to find grain with unless you try hard). I would at a later date try to get a second body too. I would keep a 400 speed film in one and Pan F in the other, that way I can have as little or much grain as I could wish for. A friend has a M7II and the negs are stunning, however the lens stick out a long way, making it far bulkier than the Bronny. The M7 also does not fit my had well, whereas the RF645 is a glove-like fit. Seems like if you are happy with a vertical viewfinder and dont mind teh shutter wheeze, it is a steal! There are new 45mm lenses in the UK for 379! A used 50mm for the M7 never goes for less than 650........maybe a used RF45 could be had for 200?? Dont need to convince you tho! I just need to get hold of a 100 or 135 lens, the 45 being easier.

I played with a RF645 in shop a while back and it made a hell of an impression on me. A real extension of ones hand!