I just dropped off a few rolls at Chrome and talked to them about the situation. Here's what they told me:

1) They are ceasing to do film processing when they reopen, but will continue with their other services like reprints (with a digital workflow, however).

2) As far as they're aware, the only remaining games in town for E-6 are North Coast and Nelson Photo, who will be shipping it out to a place in San Clemente whose name escapes me (but about whom they said good things).

3) They have some miscellaneous things around the lab that will need to be put out to pasture, including at least one 4x5 enlarger. Locals in need of lab gear might want to drop by and see what's of potential interest. (I also pointed them at APUG for their own edification and enjoyment.)

4) They suspected, but didn't know for sure, that North Coast wouldn't have the setup to process E-6 in 5x7 for me. Probably nobody but me cares, though. (But it's such a perfect format! What on earth is wrong with the rest of you? :-)