Hello To All
Several weeks ago I began evaluating a commercialy availible Silane Treated PVOH in substitution for my Homade Silane treated PVOH (That I have been substituting for gelatin in silver halide emulsions) Results are the best I have ever had, not only for silver-halide emulsions but as a carrier for Pt/Pd/Au/Pigment on glass. I have long known about these polymers,from the middle and far east, but have never befor been able to get a sample. Kuraray America is a Japanese company with an office in TX or IL. I here website is www.kuraray-am.com. They sent me a free 1lb sample of there R-1130,The higher viscosity of two viscosities availible. After making several simple emulsions, I will probablky never silane treat PVOH myself again.
Anyway, I made a small batch of panchro emulsion in which, instead of splitting, the batch into three parts AFTER precipitation, I split the ammoniacle silver solution into two parts. I then added S/Au, in the form of Steigmman's Solution to both halves. Then I added Sands SDE3008(green senstizing dye) to one half and SDA3057(red sensitizing dye) to the other. Interestingly, the SDA3057 turned Cyan (the objective) dispite the fact that no Iodine was present.
I combined the two halves and added formalin. Coated onto glass, about 6 mils wet thickness. The next day I exposed through red,green and blue separation filters. The sensitivity of the red exposed plates was only slightly weeker than the green and blue exposed plates.(BTW-The color of the emulsion itself is bright lavende).
I am very much incouraged.
If anyone is interested in more detale,ask and ye shall receive. I have no secrets.