Thanks for all of your input!! With my schedule I only get a chance to do darkroom work is on the weekends. Just so that I can try and pin point exactly where my problems arose from I will start from scratch. First, I will thoroughly clean everything. Then clean it again. Then try a test. If everything comes out good, then I will know I had a contamination issue.

But if I still have trouble then I will mix another batch of chemistry and start the whole process over. BTW--I am mixing and storing my chemistry in plastic 10l jugs. I had given no thought to possible oxidation issues. I had bought several CASES of RA4 chemistry at prices that were absolutley criminal at a "going out of business" sale. Not to appear wasteful, but since I knew my darkroom time would be minimal and I had an almost excess of chemicals, I have been disposing of my used chemistry after each session. One less thing to worry about. Once I can get a pattern of usage and a viable storage system, with no contamination, then I may look at reusing the chemistry.

Thanks again!!