Thank you for the info!

I find that the mixed values of the mired versus the Kodak are extremely confusing. I'm going through the filters to buy right now and sometimes the b+w's are listed in mired (KB6) and sometimes kodak (80A. etcetera) and I can't seem to find a chart that makes sense of it all. I'm planning to stick to the mired values for my work for simplicities sake.

I'm planning on doing all of this in the darkroom as soon as I can find a color module for my V35, should you know the whereabouts of one I would greatly appreciate it. I tried a hybrid workflow and was extremely disappointed with the results and anyway I hate computers and have no desire to sit in front of one any longer than I have to. I'm also excited about processing my own color negatives and positives and getting a chance to experiment and really learn something.

While we're on the subject, do you think the MRC multi coated are worth the extra expense? Or should I just get the regular ones?