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Not to be a downer, but high end web sites and internet applications is my industry. $5000 is very low. You could get the designs (mock-ups) for $5k if it was a very basic site without any special requirements, but no code. When you use words like best high-end, even for a simple site the price range would start closer to $60k all in.
Not for a portfolio website. What you are talking about are database driven websites where you need a designer, front-end developer and backend coders where the site needs to be constantly updated.

I do websites as well and I'm a photographer. If you want something custom, I'm a web designer as well and can help you out, but I agree with most here that you could try Livebooks or APhotoFolio. I used to be with Livebooks for 4 years and was very happy, although if I had to choose now in 2011, I'd go with APhotoFolio because I like their templates better.

If you want something even more cost effective, I'd learn how to use Wordpress. It's free.

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