I find KHB is terrible because of extremely high prices and awful customer service. Each time I have gotten stuff from them I have been let down on a number of levels. The last and worst example was when I called them about a manual for a late model Beseler CB7. I told them that I was specifically looking for detailed information on alignment. I have had this enlarger since I was 18 or so which means I have had it for around 40 years. It has been shipped a number of times when I moved. They told me that they did indeed have a manual for the enlarger and it did have detailed info on alignment. Bought the manual. When it arrived, it had nothing about alignment except for a phrase in it that said I should purchase the extra technical manual to do the alignment. I called them and they told me that I should have looked at the manual before I bought it! Huh? OK, it was only twelve bucks. So I asked if they could do the alignment. They said yes, they could, it would cost a minimum of $250, more likely $500. I asked them how they know how to align the machine. They told me they had a manual. I asked if I could buy the manual since that was what I wanted in the first place. They said no. They wanted me to bring the enlarger to them and then take it back And that's when things go out of alignment. This is typical of their service and their attitude. I will NEVER buy anything from them again and would recommend nobody does either. Better to wait for something to come up on Craigslist or on forums like this and Large Format Photography, even eBay.

I now this is a long diatribe abut what might seem like a trivial matter, but it was the last straw of many.