I'll be moving to the south of France, specifically Antibes, in less than a month, and for at least three years and I'm undecided about either bringing my enlarger or buying one there. I couldn't find proper information regarding the customs rules and any experiences here in APUG (just a guy who experienced a latency of two months and had to write a letter to the customs office to bring some darkroom stuff from Budapest to the South of France) so I wanted to ask your opinion. My enlarger is Kaiser VPM 9005 and since Kaiser ceased to produce enlargers I have no idea about the availability of such great tools nowadays. Besides, I'm not sure I'll be able to afford buying new one. So it seems there is a trade-off between paying for customs expenses or for new darkroom tools.

Is there anyone who had such an experience or any with suggestions?


PS: At first this seemed to me off-topic for Darkroom Equipment topic but I've sent anyway since I also wanted to hear about the availability. Sorry if this should have gone under The Lounge.