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I emailed Freestyle to find out because I hadn't seen it listed under color papers or color chemistry. Here's the response I received:

"Yes, we offer the P 30 2 liter developing kit, and the Ilfochrome papers in standard and moderate contrast. The are drop shipped from the vendor, so please contact us for shipping quotes.

Thank you,

Tori Puente

Telesales Representative

Freestyle Photographic Supplies

800-292-6137 ext. 151


So the good news is that we can still get Ilfochrome and the processing chemsitry.

Thus we can still make prints of our color transparencies.
That is good that they have been able to set that up. It is $90 for a 2L kit of the chemistry, last I checked, and a few hundred bucks or so for a box of the printing material, I believe.

So, it's an expensive practice. $400 (a box of 11x14 print material and 4L of chemistry) might get you four 10-print editions, if you aren't wasting a lot of printing material to get to your perfect print. If you don't need so many copies, you'll get more, of course. And don't forget the cost of the masking film, at over a dollar a sheet.

Apparently surfaces other than glossy are still manufactured as well, but they are only sold in large quantities to professional labs, so home users are out of luck.