Although this workshop is still in the planning stage the dates are set: Monday October 6th through Sunday October 12.
Place: Mt. Shasta, Northern California.

1. Environmental portraiture (daylight)

2. Environmental portraiture (night time - electronic flash)

3. Analysis of Form - understanding your subject matter and giving meaning to your images through a basic visual language.

4. Marketing yourself, your images, and using the Internet to its utmost (guerilla marketing!).

5. Building an effective website for your photography. Where to host your site, how to appear in search engines etc...

6. Basic lighting techniques for use in your home (studio)

7. Presenting your work.

8. Plus the usual stuff found in most large format workshops:
Zone system, effective view camera use and looking at prints.

Etc. etc. etc...(We are working on additional exciting content!)

-AND lots of shooting!

Note: We plan to make as much of the workshop as possible accessible to anyone who is physically challenged!

Email me and get on the list!

The idea is to get every serious large format photographer (pro and newbie) in the country to come to this workshop! Since every participant has a unique background and perspective the more the merrier!

It will be great! And it would be a wonderful way for APUG members to meet one another!