I'm finally at a point where I can once again pursue photography on a more intense level.

At the moment I'm not set up to do wet printing. In fact, instead, I invested in a decent scanner to serve as my darkroom. [Though it's killing me to see the prices on the darkroom equipment these days..."Say honey, let's buy a new house!" / "Why?" / "I need a darkroom so I can get all this equipment and gadgets real cheap sweetums..." Yea, right]

The other day I was flipping through the books and my notes on the Zone System in preparation for doing some calibration runs since everything is, well, now new. Then it dawned on me...How will this work without actual printing?? I don't have a densitometer. And I would like to have negatives that not only scan with relative ease but could be wet printed with ease as well at some point (either by me in the future or by a commercial lab).

Any suggestions on how to do this effectively?

Is there the ability to simulate a densitometer in Photoshop Elements {8 or 9} or one of the scanning tools?