I have just bought myself a wallmounted Durst 1200 without a baseboard. Since I don't have a wall to mount it on and only a "makeshift" darkroom I need to make a DIY solution with the Durst on a trolly.

In addition this is my first enlarger, so I'm a newbie when it comes to mounting (and using) enlargers.

I haven't recieved the enlarger yet, probably tomorrow. But I want to have most of the things sorted out so I can start mounting when it arrives.

I know this beast is huge and heavy, so the trolly needs to be really solid. I found a 3x60x300cm sized solid wooden plate wich I will cut in pieces and make the trolly out of. And some lockable wheels wich supports 70kg preasure each.

I have some questions:
- Should I "wall mount" it on the trolly by mounting an "oversized" wooden beam at the back of the trolly wich the wall mount fits on?
- Or should I bolt it directly to the wooden top plate of the trolly?
- if I mount it directly at the wooden top plate, is it important that the plate is 100% leveled before mounting the enlarger?
- is it important that the enlargers steel column is 100% leveled?
- how much of the leveling can be done by adjusting the head itself (or other parts)?
- can I use the top of the trolly as a baseboard or should I put another plate on top of that wich I can mount so it's possible to adjust it in all directions?
- is it possible to turn the enlarger head the other way so I can use the floor on the backside of the trolly if I want to make larger prints?
- my plan is to make the top of the trolly 60x80cm and total height of the trolly 60cm since I have read that the height of the steel column is 136 cm and I need to be able to move it in and out of my bathroom door.

The attached pictures is the only one I have of the whole enlarger, so I don't know how the bottom of the steel column looks like yet. I will know more when it arrives, but as I said I want to start preparing.