Hi all,

I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia and having a blast but I'm wishing I'd brought more 35mm Velvia 100 with me.

Are there any Haligonians (or recent visitors) who can give me some direction as to whether I could pick up some Velvia or E100VS or Elite Extra Colour while I'm here?

Carsand Mosher looks like it was once a good film shop but their site is hugely slanted to digital now, to the point where the "Film Services" tab for processing states "Still have some undeveloped film?" That gives me the impression that they can't be bothered to stock film, but perhaps it was an overzealous web developer who didn't understand that some people choose to own iPhones and iPads but still shoot film.

Thanks in advance,


PS - off to Cape Breton Island on Friday, then off to the Fundy shore near the Annapolis Valley to finish the trip late next week. I'm really looking forward to it.