Hello 77seriesiii,

I think the same, since it is also better IMHO to get used to use the same supply over the years.

Actually all my stuff will be shrinked into two luggages so I don't think that I'll have space for that "emperor". Now I'm planning to box it up and leave ready to be sent by cargo later till I get ensured that I won't have any customs, etc. problems, and take it with me during my next visit if so.

Thanks for your wishes!


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something to consider is the amount of time it would take to source a new, albeit a temporary, enlarger AND would it be as good as the one you currently use? I am loathe to leave things I plan on using often in storage and then having to spend the $ to re-purchase the item.

How are you moving? Moving service (container or moving van) or throwing all of your stuff into the back of a car? how you are getting stuff there will really dictate what you can bring.

Good luck w/ the move.