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As to dynamic range I make it 3.67 EV - I will have to check the product guide. As you will know depends on the light how far it is plus and how far it is minus but I have never managed to exceed 3.67 EV.
What?! You seem to have a very own definition for EV -- or dynamic range, for that matter. Are you sure you are not speaking about Dmax, a totally different subject? Though, the Dmax is not 3.67, but nearer to 3.5, but I cannot figure out any other number that is even close to your 3.67. For log H, on the other hand, 3.67 is too much for any slide film for any purpose.

It surprises me every time how difficult it is to learn to read the characteristic curves, found in the datasheets published by the manufacturers. The internet is full of crazy legends and sayings with no understanding which would be extremely easy to obtain.