I picked up the enlarger last week. I also was able to get some other things. The enlarger came with 35mm, 6x6, and 4x5 negative carriers, one of each. I also got a 50mm, 75mm, and 150mm lens attached to boards. The 50 and 75 are on flat boards and the 150 in a dished one.

The condensers all seems to be in pretty good shape. The only slight issue seems to be a little separation in the 150mm lens. it is on the edge of the lens and seems to be completely covered by the aperture blades by f/5.6 so I don't think it will be a real issue if I ever get to printing 4x5 negatives.

Attached are some images of some of the things I picked up. I also got a bit of literature that I need to got through.