AFAIK Pan 25 (not CHS 25, which is indeed a different film, I know for sure because I have used both) is discontinued. I remember it was mentioned in a german forum some time ago.

I was a big fan of the original Agfa APX 25. I've been looking for a replacement for a long time.
I've tested Rollei Pan 25 and Adox Pan 25, but was not satiesfied. Good films, but they couldn't match Agfa APX 25.
APX 25 has had much better detail: Higher resolution, better sharpness and finer grain, and therefore was better suitable for bigger prints. Curve shape was better with APX as well.
And Agfas QC was much better, I've always got top quality.

Now, finally, I have found a replacement which completely satisfy me.
It even surpasses Agfa APX 25 significantly:

It's from Agfa-Gevaert again (fresh production from Belgium):
Agfa Copex Rapid, developed in the dedicated developer SPUR Modular UR New (part A1 + B).

With this film-developer combination I achieve the following advantages compared to Agfa APX 25 and Adox Pan 25:

- higher effective speed with ISO 40/17
- wonderful linear chracteristic curve, excellent shadow detail and tonality
- much, much better resolution; Agfa Copex Rapid delivers incredible high resolution
- significantly better sharpness
- finer grain

The quality level is outstanding: I have directly compared 35mm Agfa Copex Rapid with my 6x6 medium format Plus-X, Fomapan 100 and FP4+ shots (exactly same shooting conditions). Made 16x20" prints from both.
The 35mm Agfa Copex Rapid / Spur Modular UR New prints surpass the prints from medium format 6x6 Plus-X, FP4+, Fomapan.
Better detail with the Copex Rapid 35mm pictures. And excellent tonality.

It's photography heaven for me: I can combine the advantages of my 35mm system with medium format quality.
And with Copex Rapid 120 I am very near to 4x5" with Fomapan 100 or FP4+.