I have just received 11 135 films which I bought with the intent of experimenting with several colour negative films. I have no problems about the fact that most of those will go in the fridge unopened and all will work fine.

I have a problem with the 4 Rollei CN200. They are sold in a double canister, each canister contains 2 cartridges. One of the canisters arrived already opened (not a good thing considering the polyester base and the high risk of fogging). I opened the other canister myself in a stupid move, to check if there was an additional sealing, there wasn't.

I normally put in the fridge only films which are in unopened canisters, as the canister is factory-filled with low-humidity air as far as I know. That allows the film to get inside the fridge, and out, without condensation problems, provided one lets the canister go to ambient temperature for an hour or so before opening it. If you let the canister go up to ambient temperature before opening it, condensation never happens inside the canister.

But those two double Rollei canisters are now filled with my normal room air, let's say 55% relative humidity at 25 C.

Is it a wise move to put those in the fridge, or do I risk some condensation to be formed inside the canister? How bad is that for film?

The question also applies to bulk roll film. Do you put your bulk rolls (or the entire bulk loader) in the fridge once you took them away from their factory-sealed canister?