Hello all,

I'm looking to buy a second body for my 501CM. I've got a couple of "events" to shoot with some friends for fun and would like to have one body with the 80/2.8 on as my primary camera and another with the 50/4, to save me changing lenses when shooting (and have a backup as well).

So I was thinking perhaps I can get a 500ELX (or even better a 553 although that's probably a bit tricky to find for under 400), put the 80mm and the PM90 prism and shoot away. For the wide shots I'll have the 50mm on the 501CM and use the WLF. It sounds like a plan but then I'm not too sure about whether the winder is of any use for such things. Is it very noisy, for example? I've seen that it works at a rather leisurely pace to return the mirror and wind-on but at least it means I don't have to wind manually, as in the 500CM.

On the other hand, am I just complicating things? A 500CM/501C/503CX is just as good and as cheap, doesn't complicate things with electronics/batteries and weighs less, as I will be carrying two of these things on me at a time (plus extra backs and film and the prism on the camera with the 80mm...).

Any opinions?

Not too worried about vignetting mirrors and such, I have a 501CM which works fine with long lenses and that second body is intended for use with a 50mm or 80mm. Also, I'm not too bothered about body age, I can get it serviced, I just want to make sure it has one of the new screens.