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No arguments here, just an attempt at jocularity. I'm a new comer here so still finding my feet.

Pointing the OP to DPUG is helpful if it helps him find the answer to his question. Repeating the pointer again and again makes this group appear less friendly than I give it credit for. Whilst some people may believe that APUG is only about exposure and chemistry, I enjoy it for discussions about aesthetics, morality, legality, locations, culture, people and humour (and I can do all of this whilst calling myself an analogue photographer). I hope I've come to the right place...
You're fine and welcome. People can get antsy about it, mainly because we do try to keep things in the scope of darkroom, camera, film, chemicals realm solely out of the fact that there are millions of users talking digital all across the interwebs, hence the somtimes hasty and poignant responses: we like it all about Analog here.

To the OP. You have two very good responses to your original question above me. I think the advice to work backwards knowing your print media, methods, camera, and then scene will greatly improve your images.

Welcome guys, and don't be skirted, there's plenty to learn here and we like our fun!