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Bill, that thing you started looks very interesting to me! If you can share some more details about, I would be more than glad! I have a question though: did you use the silanized PVOH just for a better adherence to glass, or also due to its (somewhat) different properties compared to plain PVOH? At which temp does it set?
thanx in advance
Actualy, adhesion to glass is the whole thing. Although silane groups replacing hydroxyls will decreace watersolubility. In another study, I replaced all of the OH with silane . The resulting polymer was totaly insoluble in water. The Kuraray polymer is fairly easy to disolve in NEAR BOILING water. So there must be relatively few silanes, relative to hydroxyls.
Unlike gelatin, a PVA based emulsion dose not "set up". It must be alowed to dry.