I seem to remember that we mixed Calgon according to the instructions on the box and then added 5 - 10 mls per liter of first rinse depending on the amount of effect required.

Tartaro used the apo-nikkors on 8x10 Fotar enlargers modified with 5x7 Durst condensors and a low voltage pointsource. The chromes were suspended in mineral oil between glass.

Bob DeSantos had a lab in LA and he modified old Leitz Valoy enlargers for seps. If you haven't seen one of these, they have a very precise focusing system - more like a camera lens.
here's a picture: http://store.valueweb.com/servlet/vi...aloy-II/Detail

Bob wasn't too worried about his gear being pretty, so the point light was housed inside of a coffee can that has fitted to the Valoy. Since you're (typically) making your seps the same size for every job, the enlarger is locked and braced to the wall. I even had enlargers braced to a 4" pipe that was sunk into a concrete floor.