OK, Mike, I count this as a yes

But I think I should make it a bit more clear.


  • Any traditional process allowed on any paper as long as the paper is no larger than 8x10. Smaller is OK, whatever fits.
  • As in the group print exchanges we will build groups of three or four people to send a print to each other. But there is no need to send the same image to each of the members in your group. Although sometimes it is interesting to get feedback for the same image from different people.
  • There is no need to mount/mat/frame the print. If you do so I think it is OK, but we should not expect others to do so as well. I for myself will send the prints just flattened, no mounting, no mat, no frame.
  • I think maybe a little bit info about the image and the print is always welcome.

And these are the participants so far:

Sandra (swittmann)
Mick (Mick Fagan)
Joe (Joe O'Brien)
Laurent (Laurent)
Matt (MattKing)
Paul (paul_c5x4)
Ruediger (rst)
Mike (Mike Wilde)
Craig (ccross)