For film shooters, the local stores are becoming less and less important, alas. The less they stock, the more we tend to order by mail. The more we tend to order by mail, the less they stock. Except for heavy liquid chemicals, there is little need to use a local shop for film photography anymore.

I brought a few too few rolls of Velvia to Nova Scotia this week. I popped into a Henry's (a well known Canadian chain with a large store in Toronto and smaller stores everywhere else) and was told that I could order some from Simon's Camera in Montreal, because Henry's didn't stock slide film at any of its locations anymore. I'd be disappointed if it were true that the flagship store had taken that attitude, too, but that's indicative of the market these days. (I ended up finding three rolls of Sensia at a local competitor down the street, at a high price but at least they had it.)

I'm feeling slightly discouraged by this but the reality is that I haven't been in my local store back home, which stopped processing E6 film last fall, in a year. I used to have reason to go to get my E6 stuff done and now I pop it in an envelope to Toronto instead. It's kind of amazing how much money I used to put into local stores and how the shift in the market has meant that I now pump all that money into the Internet mail order establishment instead. (In fact, I pump more now than I did then, but almost none of it is spent locally. The only thing I do locally now is get C41 film processed. Sad.)