You could also try Firstcall in the UK. They ship abroad (at least they do to Holland), and might not mind to send some film over to Italy for you.
I have never heard of film restrictions in Italy. If you do bring film from the US, make sure it is in your hand luggage, not in your hold luggage. The x-ray machines for suitcases are a lot worse than the hand luggage x-rays. I am always frightened stiff of x-raying my films, and always find a creative way to ship my film over to my photo locations, and back. Sometimes I am very lucky and can develop my mono film locally in somebody's darkroom.
Don't forget that even parcels are being x-rayed these days, before they put them on planes, so it might not make a huge difference whether you take them over yourself, or have a parcel sent over.
I wouldn't bet on buying film locally in Italy. Don't know what kind of camera you use, but if it is MF or larger, you might find it very hard to buy film in Italy. Also the film might have been badly stored (as in not cooled) and given the warm climate, it makes you think what that would do to your colour film.
Good luck with the preparations for your trip.