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Henning, whats your experience with Copex in Modular UR regarding blocked highlights?
no problems at all. This combination has an almost ideal, linear characteristic curve. No significant difference compared to for example FP4+ or Delta 100 developed in DD-X or ID-11 (a little bit better shadow detail with Copex/Modular in Zone III and IV in comparison).
Separation of highlight detail is on the same level as conventional films in standard developers. No difference here, easy to print.

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One thing that really drove me away from CMS20 in Adotech is the fact that there is simply no headroom in the lights. If you want to burn in a sky you end up with a grey area instead of details.
Yes, I know and can confirm your experience. This combination has a strong S-form curve shape, with lack of shadow detail and a very flattened curve in the highlights from Zone VII to X.
For CMS 20 I am using Spur Modular UR New with Part A2 and B (Part A1 is for Agfa Copex Rapid; Part B is identical and can be used for both films).
With this combination I achieve a better curve shape. I expose for ISO 4 - 5 and develop 5 minutes (instead of 6,5 minutes given in the data sheet). So I get the best curve shape I have ever got with this film. Linear curve from Zone I to VII (very good shadow detail), from Zone VII to X the curve flattens, but not as strong as with Adotech (better highlight separation, but not optimal yet).

If you want high effective speed for handheld photography and a normal characteristic curve with very good shadow detail and highlight separation, then you will be satiesfied with the Agfa Copex / Modular combination.
It's medium format quality (benchmark: conventional films with cubic chrystals like FP4+) with 35mm.

If you need even higher resolution and finer grain (almost no grain), can accept compromises with the curve shape, and your shooting situation allows a tripod, then the CMS 20 / Modular (with part A2) is a very good option (a friend of mine and me have compared CMS 20 35mm with Adox CHS 100 in 4x5", and CMS 20 has shown better detail rendition).
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