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"Incorporated veiling"? Maybe "Verschleierung" has a different connotation in German---I'm not sure I would want my negatives to look "veiled". :-)
don't worry, be happy, your negatives will not look "veiled" but very clear .
They are indeed clearer looking than with conventional films, because both Agfa Copex Rapid and CMS 20 have a clear base. I like it, because it makes judging the negatives a bit easier (that is a personal preference by me, of course, other photographers may see this different).

As a photographer I am not so much interested in how a technology is called, I am interested in whether it works. And in this case it works very well, and better than other developers (at least to my experience ).

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Is this stuff known, or is it all Spur's secret?


The details are the companies secret.

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