The standard focusing screen isn't as good as it could be with the standard finder. I have a couple of F3HP cameras, both fitted with the Type E focusing screen.

With that combination, there is virtually nothing that outshines it in 35mm land.

I wear glasses and these days don't have very good eyesight, I can still see and focus with my cameras quite well.

The early F4 is more or less an F3, with a built in drive and autofocus.

My suggestion is to get one which is the F3HP and think about changing the standard focusing screen to one that suits your vision and/or concept of what the focusing screen should look like. There are about 20 focusing screens for the F3.

The wind mechanism, is possibly the best mechanism fitted to a manual wind 35mm mirror reflex camera. Silky smooth is close to what it feels like.

The MD4 drive is brilliant as well, these days they are as cheap as chips.


Ps:- the HP finder was designed for eyeglass wearers. You can see the entire frame whilst wearing eyeglasses and you don't have to move your head at all.