Hi all,

Processed my first C-41 tonight. It worked, but not without me making two expensive errors; of course my only two errors in 200+ rolls of home developing came with my first use of expensive chemistry!

Anyway, I accidentally got 200mL of stop-water in my 500mL of colour developer (the bottle was catching dev drips, I forgot to move it before dumping the stop), so it's more-diluted than it should be by a factor of 1.4. Presumably I can still use it but with a longer 1st-dev time? What time should I run it for?

I made up 1L from the 5L Fuji kit, used 500mL in the Jobo (this got accidentally diluted) and will continue using the other 500mL for now. I also managed to tip over and spill about 25% of my Dev Part B: the blast of butane I was putting in there to preserve it knocked the tiny bottle over

So I'm seriously pissed off at myself. However, I'm hoping you guys can let me know how to recover from the dilution issue...