Never got that much love back from Henry's aside from a few long-time employees who either quit or got canned over the past couple of years. Business appears down and their relocated outlet in Mississauga is even more dismal than the old spot on Queen.

After Brown's in Mississauga dropped processing last summer, I now have to schlep my 120 to either Silvano or TIW. Silvano's QC is spotty--literally--with occasionally cruddy b&W and so-so C41 negs the result of up to a week's wait for processing. Haven't used TIW recently but will if they hold to their "in by 11 out by 3" processing service. David Nardi gave up on his "garage" E6 biz due to Kodak's discontinuation of small batch E6 chemistry and, I suspect, poor response. Have a bunch of E100GX in 120 I'd love to shoot up.

Cheap 35mm dev/print has mostly vanished except for a few sloppily-run Loblaws Fuji-equipped labs in the westend GTA.

I'm not certain there will be much left, lab-wise, by next year. Low volume is killing quality.