Don't let the title fool you, this is not about recovering photographs digitally. I may be in the wrong area but what I am wanting to pose is along the lines of seminars and classes.

I have noticed of late a glut of people in my area who are buying digital equipement and then trying to pass themselves off as professional photographers but if not for a little coaching from the sales "pro" they wouldn't even know which end to point down range as it were.

I have had this idea for some time now to offer seminars of maybe one or two days to teach the basics of photography starting out with film. I was at the local "real" camera store the other day discussing this with two of the local pros. While I was laying out the ruff idea a gentleman listening in spoke up and said that he was in just such a position and that he would be interested in sighing up.

The main thrust would be to teach the basics and then movement to wedding, portraits and expand from there. My question is, were would be the best place to find a curriculum that is already set up and geared towards the two day seminar and not the college level photography. I could possibly put together such but if it already existed that would save me the time and the trouble.