In a way it would be giving some first hand experience to digital photographers the joy of film and possibly "converting" the uninitiated.

The seminars would be broken down so as not to overwhelm anyone and DR courses would be reserved for those that show a penchant for film and wish to continue in that manner. The main thrust would be to give those that are wanting to make a career out of photography be it digital or film an understanding of the art. As I said before, the majority of those that I come across trying to make a living from it are doing so because they think it is easy but they don't have the basic tools to do so. Sure they have a fancy camera but they don't know the basics. My daughter brought a young friend of hers to me to critique his work and give him some pointers. I started by examining his work and asking some basic questions such as what aperture was this at, what shutter speed, what was the lighting condition didi you use a flash, could you reproduce this shot? All I received from him was a blank stare and a bunch of shoulder shrugging. All of his shots were taken on auto, he let the camera do the work he just pointed it where he wanted it.

I would move from the basics into wedding, portraits and such. All of these and more would be offered in separate seminars that are priced so that anyone interested could take em. The ones that would be a bit pricier would be wedding and portrait were I would have to hire models but I think I could get around that by offering modeling classes and combine them.