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Ok, I'm a little confused on this one here. I finally got around to getting my CPP-2 w/lift setup and decided to test it out by developing two rolls in a 1520 tank.

What I found was with the regular rollers, the tank was too small and it never came near the rollers. But when I put in the "extension" rollers, they were too tall, causing the tank to not sit level and the gears to make some horrendous noise. I compromised by not using the rollers at all, just letting it hang off of the white tabs and propping up the lift arm slightly to get the tank level (was drooping down a bit because of the play between the clips and the cog).

Obviously this is not something I want to do long term, so what is the solution? I like the 1520 tank but I do have the regular 2820 with reels as well. I guess I don't mind using that but for doing 2x135 films the 1520 is just perfectly sized.

Is there an adapter or special roller I am missing for the 1520?

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Use the extensions, but turn them around so that they are not too high. See Attached Thumbnails.