Hi Ralph,

I developed one of the five rolls tonight (for 11mins). Before I develop the other ones I'm a bit concerned about two things

1. I used a 31 step Tx wedge. I did one development for 11mins and steps 24 through 31 (Tx densities 2.35 to 3.05) are all at the density of the film base+fog. This suggests my exposure might have been too long. Have I lost too much dynamic range in this test ? I exposed HP5+ using a nominal ASA of 200 (I know its 400, but I usually use it at 200 and your instructions say "You can use the manufacturer’s recommended film speed, since the actual exposure is not critical as long as it is within 1 stop."). I metered a grey card in the same direct sunlight as my white cardboard with a spot meter. My Mamiya C330 then required an exposure compensation ox x2.5 (1 1/3 stops) when shooting so close up, so I then put the ASA to 80 to address that). This resulted in me using f8 @ (1/250)s for all frames on all rolls.

2. I use XTOL 1+2 dilution which results in longer dev times. What set of dev times should I use instead of the the nominal ones you list (spanning 4-16min)?