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Well, see this is where I'm going. If the neon strobe blinks with the mains frequency, and the turntable's speed itself is proportional to the mains frequency, then if the mains frequency changes down say 10%, then the strobe will strobe 10% slower and then maybe the turnable itself will spin 10% slower so I will not actually be able to tell except the music might sound funny. I doubt I would actually be able to tell because I used to have a much cheaper Marantz turntable with a synchronous motor, and it was 4% slow, and you really couldn't tell.
Yes that is correct, but the deviation in mains frequency is only going to go up to 0.004% in some parts of the country. Only the vinyl audiophiles with oxygen-free hookup wire neatly arranged at right angles will be disturbed by the news. (they won't be bothered by this if they don't know about it ).

Most DVMs should have a frequency counter. I just checked my mains and I get a steady 122.7V and 60.00 Hz.

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