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I've been searching for a good 4 bladed 11X14 easel and I see them used on ebay all the time, was wondering if 55-75 bucks was a good used price. I think it is but just wanted some feedback on it.
It depends, but I think for a "good" 4-blade even in 24x30cm 55-75 USD is not a good but a "very good" price. Most 4-blade easels, however, are hardly good. Among those that are acceptable new, many don't age well and tend to be in poor shape. The question then is not what is a good price for anything but for something specific. The first part of the question then is "which easel is good".
Some like the Salthill is better than good---- if you have one for 55-75 USD in good condition I'll pay you a premium. Other than the Salthill, my favorite 4-blade is the old Leitz/Leica. The Sauder's V-Track is pretty good and the Proton/Beard is also nice. Some like the Dunco models are OK when brandnew but they don't hold-up very well. The Kaiser Promask is excellent--- its the evolution of the Leitz/Leica, although not quite up to its quality it has a few nice features.