Some of Henry's paper is old however. Stuff that doesn't move fast like warmtone (so popular here I don't understand but only occasionally stocked in the Toronto Superstore) and 16x20 is obviously quite old, given that they have the 2009 Ilford commemorative/APUG stuff still in stock! I tried a pack of the 2009 stuff recently and it is already obviously a bit less than fully fresh as compared to stuff I buy from B&H, I have to test strip each on their own unfortunately as the 2-year old stuff has already lost a bit of speed

Agreed, low volume has killed quality in local labs. I used to get same day service up until recently in Guelph (Pond's Fotosource) and then BJ Photo in Waterloo but they ended it in 2009 and it was sadly for the best as the last slides I had processed there came out very badly (not sure how old the Velvia was in the first place either). C-41 locally has gotten bad too, now Pond's only process a few times a week and BJ Photo when they have enough rolls and this is so infrequently that my Tetenal/JOBO home processing is much, much better.

Both Pond's and BJ Photo seem to be surviving well, switching to digital sales and printing. Many of the people who have worked there for 20 years are still there which is nice to see but sadly unless I want to buy expensive backpacks and film, cheap tripods or digital prints I don't have any reason to stop by. In a pinch BJ Photo has some chemicals for the University students, being a closer walk than Henry's so "in season" they have some paper and chems.

Pond's sends E6 to Toronto or did last time I asked but I'm just into printing now so I do everything, developing and printing of B&W and C-41 at home. Of course it is cheaper to buy from B&H than to buy in Canada and in fact the shipping is faster and cheaper too. The only thing I buy in Canada is the Kodak Ektacolor RA RT 10L developer replenisher and blix kits as I can't seem to get it shipped from the US; still mail order though, from DarkroomCentral/PhotoCentral out in Calgary (if they stop carrying it then I'll have to try the more expensive 5L Tetental RA-4 kit which B&H wil ship me). The Canadian distributor prices are just too high, I don't think they get it wholesale here for B&H's retail price.

I think Pond's sends their B&W to a guy to do on his weekends so when he feels like it is when it gets done. BJ Photo lost their B&W basement guy last year.