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Considering exhaustion, I came out with the following times: first pass 3:23 (just like suggested by Polyglot), second pass 3:53. Those are the averages for the first and second quarter of exhaustion, and the third and fourth quarter of exhaustion. Actually those times might be shortened a little bit as I don't really arrive to 4/4 of exhaustion, making only 14 rolls per litre.
3:53 seems a bit long, considering Fuji recommend about 3:40 or 3:45 for the last fifth of their rated capacity.

If considering a 10% reduction for rotative processing, that would become 3:02 first pass and 3:29 for the second pass, but I don't consider the 10% reduction when I make E-6 and I see that also compard does not take this into account.
I understood the 3:15 time to be for continuous agitation.