Honestly speaking, I am not sure two days is even close to enough to touch everything needed to create a good photograph. There's exposure, there's DOF, there's composition, there's color, there's tonality, mood, feeling.... and you will have to touch lighting when it gets there. Let's not forget equipment either. How to use wide angle and telephoto for effects is a subject in itself. You'll to start from what they are first, too. I'm probably forgetting 2000 other things needed for a good photograph. Each topic takes two days to cover the basics....

In such a short period of time, you'll be breathing through each topic without allowing time to demonstrate, experiment, and let the subject sink in. Knowledge retention is probably going to be really low.

Even after recognizing our passion is analog photography, I am not sure doing this type of class in film is a good idea. Digital has its place. Instant feedback is a great thing for learning.

OP is also taking about taking someone new to photography (worse if you are dealing with people who think they already know everything) and teaching basics, and using media they are not interested in wouldn't fly very well either.