Having never met any of these folks before, I remember thinking to myself, as I drove up to my first Photostock by myself last Friday, “…what am I doing…am I crazy…driving 7+ hours to meet people who I have never met before…on the internet no less…staying at a campsite by yourself…are you crazy”? Well, after setting up my tent in the drizzle and fog Friday night and then driving over to the Brichwood for the 8pm reception; the moment I walked into the door, all those crazy thoughts vanished. I was treated like an old friend by the extremely kind and welcoming folks of Photostock. Their kindness, and not to mention knowledge of photography, was amazing. I left my own family and spent the weekend with strangers who treated my like and old friend and for that I am grateful and honored to have been part of this.

I hope the moons align correctly and allow for me to make it back next year to my second Photostock, but in the interim wish to give a mighty cheers to Bill for his amazing ability to bring people together to enjoy the amazing art of analog photography!

I just walked into the door, but managed to just finish processing my first roll of b/w…it looks to have come out great…I will post some shots soon.

I want to echo all the remarks that those above have already stated and wish you all safe travels home to your families and look forward to seeing your amazing artwork as we process our film.

Andy (the other Andy, the one from Chicago)

PS - Shawn Ross - thanks for all your efforts to make this community a reality, without your commitment to this site, none of this would be a reality.