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The holga wouldn't be a bad idea but it would have to be for those that are interested in film.
The point of the exercise is simply to focus on composition without distraction.

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What I really want to do is to tea h how to operate the camera in manual mode, to understand zone focus, aperture and shutter priority plus all that goes along with knowing how to take a good photograph.
I actually have the want to teach exposure and focus, even tried to help a few people on a photo club field trip a few weeks back. The biggest struggle was the full auto cameras and owners that do not know their way around their camera and actually having to set exposure via a menu tree, what a PITA!

I can set up my 4x5 from trunk to shot faster than many can set a manual exposure.

The other PITA is that all the cameras are different. Get one person going and you have to start from scratch with the next.

I don't want to teach people how to turn dials and hunt through menus, I want to help them take photos.